O for Opportunity: Exploring New Revenue Opportunities for Nonprofits


Nonprofits are no strangers to earned income. However, many have not fully realized their potential for revenue generation via social enterprise. This session will help organization leaders identify and decide whether or not to move forward with new earned income opportunities. The hands-on session offers exercises and activities that will be valuable to experienced entrepreneurs and newcomers alike.

Learning Objectives:

  • Introduce participants to the concept of community wealth/social enterprise.
  • Share examples, risks, best practices.
  • Identify community wealth opportunities for participant organizations.
  • Understand how to assess and prioritize opportunities.
  • Learn about the components of a successful business plan.

Class Format

This course is the recording of a live webinar and contains the slides and full audio from the original presentation (including Q & A sessions). Only a reasonably current version of FlashPlayer is needed to run this recording (most computers already have this installed).


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96 Min


Heather Peeler