Pursuing Sustainability: Understanding & Strengthening Your Organization’s Business Model


Every nonprofit has a business model whether or not that model has been articulated. This fast-moving webinar teaches a way to turn your business model into a single compelling image so that you see the relationships of programs and activities. We’ll discuss how to assess the relative mission impacts of programs and the relative financial impacts as well, and then how to frame choices to make strategic adjustments to strengthen your organization’s business model as you pursue sustainability.

Learning Objectives:

At the conclusion of this webinar participants will:
  • Understand the nature of nonprofit business models and how their activities work together to create a sustainable organization.
  • Be familiar with the Matrix Map and its components – a visual tool for depicting an organization’s business model.
  • Be able to analyze their business model and articulate the strategic imperatives to strengthen it based on the Matrix Map.

Class Format

This course is the recording of a live webinar and contains the slides and full audio from the original presentation (including Q & A sessions). Only a reasonably current version of FlashPlayer is needed to run this recording (most computers already have this installed).


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87 Min


Steven Zimmerman

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