Susan Comfort

This session helps organizations build more effective work-teams. We’ll examine our self-care strategies and turn them into “team-care” to support our allies and teammates. Utilizing audience challenges, humor, and brain science, Susan’s webinar will help each participant understand how they can juice up their team’s productivity as well as their collective joy and impact.

Since we must support each other through our stressful nonprofit work … tools, tips and best practices will be demonstrated (and downloaded) on how to build connection and camaraderie within teams.

Bonnie Koenig

There are numerous ways for organizations to engage internationally to expand their world view and gather ideas or find potential partners from wherever they may be located. This no longer needs to be an expensive initiative but rather one of developing a global mindset. This webinar will look at practical steps your organization can take in order to benefit from a more global outlook. It will draw on the experiences of nonprofits who have done so.

Jessica Kohnen & Jennifer Meder

The first quarter of a new calendar year is an excellent time to “look up” and see where we are and where we want to go. This session provides a framework to help us get a different view – to enhance strategic thinking and explore tools and techniques to set goals and take action.

Doug Eadie

No factor is more critical in determining your success as a chief executive than your partnership with your board. CEOs who have built a close, positive and productive working relationship with their board tend to thrive over the long run, achieving their leadership goals and advancing their careers. By contrast, CEOs who haven’t mastered the art of building and sustaining a rock-solid partnership with their board tend to be less effective leaders and to be far less secure in their positions.

Drawing on Doug Eadie’s 25 years of work with over 500 CEOs and their boards and on his newest book, The Board-Savvy CEO, “Hit the Ground Running With Your New Board” provides CEO-aspirants and new CEOs with detailed, practical guidance in building a rock-solid partnership with their new board.

Greg Roth

As more organizations rely on content marketing principles, the fight for attention gets more competitive. Now think about the content that you’ve loved — how often has it used humor or comedy to convey its message? This session will (1) dissect the different types and formulas for humor and comedy, (2) examine case studies of successful humorous content from a number of industries, and (3) identify opportunities to use humor in marketing. Armed with a few simple formulas, you’ll never look at ideas or content the same again.

Laura Achee & Karl Bierach

During this webinar, Executives, Directors, and HR Staff can learn the secrets of other nonprofits that have successfully reduced their HR costs by better managing unemployment claims, using proper documentation, and understanding state-specific rules and penalties. In addition, learn how your 501(c)(3) status can help further reduce tax liability. There will be time dedicated to your questions and real-life HR concerns.

Jean Block

Your board and staff have made the decision to move to social enterprise as a strategy to enhance the sustainability of the organization. What investment of time and resources do you have to make? What fundamental and system wide changes need to be made to position the organization for success? This course outlines the steps necessary to begin to implement social enterprise and how to involve key stakeholders in the development of a successful social enterprise.

Heather Peeler

Nonprofits are no strangers to earned income. However, many have not fully realized their potential for revenue generation via social enterprise. This session will help organization leaders identify and decide whether or not to move forward with new earned income opportunities. The hands-on session offers exercises and activities that will be valuable to experienced entrepreneurs and newcomers alike.

Doug Eadie

Drawing on his work with nearly 500 nonprofit and public organizations over the past 25 years, presenter Doug Eadie will provide workshop participants with detailed, practical guidance in applying the High-Impact Governing Model in their organizations, to produce 4 high-stakes outcomes:

  1. Effective strategies for dealing with the highest-priority strategic and operational issues facing your organization
  2. Your board’s strong ownership of its governing work
  3. A board-CEO partnership that is close, productive, and enduring
  4. Your board’s taking strong accountability for its own governing performance

Doug will cover key features of the High-Impact Governing Model, including: clarification of the board’s governing work; the use of well-designed standing committees as “governing engines;” managing strategic change; and the board’s management of its own governing performance.

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