Hit the Ground Running With Your New Board

No factor is more critical in determining your success as a chief executive than your partnership with your board. CEOs who have built a close, positive and productive working relationship with their board tend to thrive over the long run, achieving their leadership goals and advancing their careers. By contrast, CEOs who haven’t mastered the art of building and sustaining a rock-solid partnership with their board tend to be less effective leaders and to be far less secure in their positions.

Drawing on Doug Eadie’s 25 years of work with over 500 CEOs and their boards and on his newest book, The Board-Savvy CEO, “Hit the Ground Running With Your New Board” provides CEO-aspirants and new CEOs with detailed, practical guidance in building a rock-solid partnership with their new board.

Participants in this program will learn how to play three critical board-savvy CEO roles:

  1. Chief Board Capacity Builder: taking the lead in helping the board update its governing role, its composition, and its committee structure, creating the essential governing architecture
  2. Chief Governing Process Designer: taking the lead in mapping out processes for meaningfully engaging board members in governing processes so they become satisfied owners of their governing decisions and judgments
  3. Chief Governing Relationship Manager: taking the lead in dealing with the human dimension of the board-superintendent partnership by effectively communicating and interacting with board members
Doug Eadie
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